Get Ready England-Here We Come!!

Well, I must say, not only am I extremely excited about leaving in a few short days, but I am overwhelmed with anticipation on everything that we will be experiencing.  From places including Florence Nightingale’s house to The Louvre in Paris, the two weeks of the trip will not only go by extremely fast, but the amount of learning experiences are endless.  I must say however, the one thing I am looking the most forward to is Paris.  I have always dreamed of going and seeing the fashion that surrounds Paris, the Eiffel Tower, and listen to the fabulous French language-trying to remember what I used to know from four years of high school French.  However, most of all, the thing I am looking most forward to includes eating ice cream from Paris.  Will it be extremely difficult to find in the winter, and will I sacrifice the idea of a warm drink in the cold weather for this wonderful treat? Yes I shall.  I am determined to eat their ice cream because I have been told countless times about the amazing ice cream, so ice cream it shall be! (and of course a  baguette or two washed down with an Orangina!)

My excitement also stems from the amount of churches we will be seeing.  We will see at least six, if not more if we have the time (St. Paul’s, Coventry, Canterbury, Westminster Abbey, St. Margaret’s, and Christ Church). Since I am focusing my final project on this topic it will be exciting to see the architecture, possible celebrations of mass, and the atmosphere that surrounds the churches that I, with my class partner, have been doing so much research on these past few weeks.

This experience will be enlightening and hopefully very fun.  Although I am extremely nervous, as having never been out of the country, I expect this trip to be worth all of the angst.  In less than three days we, as a class, will be on our way to Gatwick, England!


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