I’m going over seas… without my family?! WAIT WHAT

I have been flying since I was an infant and I have been going over seas since I was eight years old.  I have been to quite a few places so traveling is something I enjoy and I am used to it.  However, I have always traveled with my family.  This seems like a pretty normal thing, mom, dad, siblings maybe grandparents, the usual. But you must know my vacations have been everything but normal and I do not travel with just “the usual” family members… I travel with 15 other people.  That’s right 16 all together. The ages rage from from 14 to 85 and we have been going on this massive family vacations since before my youngest cousin was born. There is always and I mean ALWAYS someone there to help you out, or annoy you by the end of the trip.  With 3 aunts 3 uncles 4 cousins 1 sister 2 parents and 2 grandparents, the only thing I ever had to think about was keeping up with the group!

So, when I got the opportunity to go on this trip you can imagine the conflicted feelings I felt. Happy, Excited, Nervous but mostly, what am I gonna do without my family?! I have been struggling with the idea of not having them with me this entire preparation process. But with a family who travels all over the world together, more than once, there has to be some support.  With the help of all of them I have been convinced that this is going to be an AMAZING trip (it didn’t take THAT much convincing).

I am most excited to see… everything! From Coventry Cathedral to the Dover Cliffs, I am beyond excited to see all of the famous monuments.  When it comes to the Nursing aspect of the trip I cannot wait to the the hospitals of England and especially where Florence Nightingale worked.  I really hope I have to chance to talk to an English nurse.  I think that hearing their opinions and experience about nursing will not only be interesting but also be helpful to my project about midwives in England.

From this trip I hope to not only see and experience everything England has to offer but also gain more confidence in my ability to travel on my own!! I fully intend on submerging myself into this experience and come out an even better world traveler!


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