Talking Face to Face

“You will be fine”, “There is nothing to worry about”, and “Everything is going to be ok” are just a few of the phrases I have heard when telling others that this will be my first time going to England. These are helpful phrases though I believe them to be slightly false reassurance. They don’t know my life. Even though these false reassurance statements can be slightly helpful the tone in their voice changes when I inform them that this is my first trip ever on an airplane. It goes from a nice reassurance to a decently surprised sound with some words such as “Wow”, which is not as reassuring for some reason.

There are many things that I am expecting out of this trip though there is a lot that is based off of movies and television shows. Because of this I am not sure I should completely pay attention to them. My goal is to strike up conversations with people who live in England and possibly interview them for my project in any way that I can. I have done the research and read quite a bit regarding the Rolling Stones but I want to know what the people actually think. Books and articles can only give me so much depth to the subject; I want more than just words on a page.

I don’t want to just focus on the big items and tourists attractions; I want to notice the smaller things as well. Taking in every aspect is about the only way I can live through this trip as it might be my only one to this country. It will definitely be interesting being disconnected from social media and texting. I will not only be talking to the people in the country but anybody sitting next to me really. It will almost be like going back to the 90’s. I hope to gain as much cultural knowledge as possible and come back from the trip a better person.


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