There’s a colonial woman on the wing!

Procrastinate [proh-kras-tuh-neyt] (verb): to put off until another day or time. While I have had my precise packing list finished for some time now, I haven’t been able to make myself complete the actual daunting task of packing my suitcase until today (Sunday). Don’t congratulate me quite yet, however, because the mission is still in progress. I am welcoming this break to write my first blog entry!

Looking at the itinerary, I cannot specifically choose what excites me most about this trip. It will be my first time traveling abroad and I am looking forward to the whole experience. I’m excited to see the settings and architecture of cathedrals and castles that I have only previously seen in pictures. Learning about these landmarks in class as well as researching them on my own has made me even more eager to experience them in person!

I am particularly excited to see the nursing-related stops that we have planned on our trip. I feel as though I have learned so much regarding the history of nursing up to this point in my education, and that I can truly appreciate what I am about to see and experience. Observing East Wellow will definitely be a moving experience as well as visiting the Florence Nightingale museum. I am also very interested in seeing St. Thomas hospital and St. Bart’s while comparing it to hospitals in the United States. One of my goals for the trip is to speak with Dr. Shona Brown to learn more about the nursing curriculum in England. I also hope to talk to Dr. Pryor-McCann more and learn about her experiences at the University of Brighton School of Nursing. This will hopefully help with my project.

While I am excited for all of these things, I am also looking forward to observing the culture for myself. I would like to see some places that not only attract tourists, but locals as well. Participating in this trip as a senior is a special experience and I am prepared to make it one of my favorite memories at Otterbein. Some of my best friends will be with me and I can’t wait to make new memories as well as get to know other students outside of my major.

Airplane Scene from Bridesmaids

Canterbury Cathedral


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