From Westerville to West End

Where to begin? I have dreamed of going to England for many years now- ever since Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy first captured my heart in Pride and Prejudice and even when I was forced to read Jane Eyre and subsequently fell in love with it as well. British literature, culture, and (being a theatre major) theatre fascinates me! It has always seemed magical and romantic, and i feel as though i am about to stumble into a fantasy. I cannot wait to see the beautiful country side, I am thrilled to see the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, I am fascinated to see the fast paced city life in London, and I am in disbelief that i will finally be seeing shows on the West End! Most importantly, i just cannot wait to breathe the air of a place that i have never been before, to see sights that i’ve yet to see, and to take in every moment i possibly can, savoring each new moment with an insatiable desire to learn more and experience everything.



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