Onward Toward Adventure!

All my life I have wanted to travel, especially to places in Europe. England and Ireland have always been at the top of my list of places to visit. I am so excited to go to England and see so many new things. I know my family used to live there for a year when my dad was called over for a job. I was only a year old then so I don’t remember anything. I just get to see the pictures in the old photo albums of the times we spent there. I can’t wait to add my own pictures to the collection.

I must admit even with how excited I am, I’m still a little nervous about the airport. This is my first time flying and while the idea of flying doesn’t scare me the airport security does. I’m afraid of doing something wrong or forgetting something. I hope I’m just fretting over nothing.

I can’t wait to see the castles and Stonehenge those are the two spots I am most looking forward to seeing. I am excited about seeing everything else too! But Stonehenge and the castles have held my fascination since I was a kid.

Cheerio and happy flying everyone!


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