Over the pond

Traveling isn’t anything new to me. I’ve done the couple trips to Florida to visit grandparents, a summer visit to Colorado this past year, and previous trips to Canada and Costa Rica. Now while I’m writing this and getting the last of my things packed, I can’t quell down the pre-travel jitters. Mind-numbing ear pain usually dulls some of my happiness of plane travel. Ironic that  the source of it is from nothing being wrong with my ear rather than there being anything wrong. This will be the longest flight I’ve ever been on so I’m hoping downing a couple a sudafed and near prescription level pain killers will keep that from happening.

I don’t know that much on British culture outside of Merlin, dragonheart, and a few episodes of Sherlock.  I’ve never been a Doctor Who fan(and a couple friends believe this makes me demon-spawn). I’ve always loved seeing other cultures though and England is no exception.

I guess the reality of this trip has only just his me. It feels like yesterday I was thinking “It’s ok. You’re not leaving for another 2 months” and now I’ll be up again in less than 12 hours heading to the airport.

Of all the places we’re going, I can’t wait to see Stonehenge the most. I guess I am one of those people that believe in “energy fields” and I’ve loved the mystery of Stonehenge since I was a child.

Second to Stonehenge for me will be the Eiffel Tower. Never have enjoyed heights but the prospect of being more than 1,000ft in the air makes me all the more eager to go.


2 thoughts on “Over the pond

  1. Jill Bess

    I hope your ear pain wasn’t too bad! I’ll see if I can find some more things you can do to lessen the pain before the trip home. I can’t wait to hear about Stonehenge and all the other wonderful things you’ll see! Maybe your next trip will be to Pennsylvania to visit me…


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