Naked Women? What?

I didn’t want to go to England at first. I thought that going to Belize or Argentina would be more exciting. Yet, in a few hours and a couple thousand dollars later, I will be on an airplane to England. The reason I decided to go to England is because my best friends and my husband Dan wanted to go to England. It may sound like a bad reason to want to go somewhere, but not for me. I love to experience life with the people I love. I think it makes your experiences better. This trip is perfect for me because I get to share my experiences with some of the people that matter most to me. I can go to Belize or Argentina in a few years when I have money again.
And now after learning about England I’m honestly really excited for this trip. One of the places I can’t wait to see is the Louvre. I’m minoring in art history because I love art. I love looking at a painting and knowing a little something about the artist and why the painting was painted. Art evolves as its environment changes, so paintings are directly tied to the social issues of the time period. Personally, I think that looking at the paintings in the Louvre would be like reading a story. For example, in the days when women were thought to amount to pieces of property, an artist was not allowed by the law to paint images of naked women. Huh? Then why are there so many historical paintings of naked ladies? Well according to the male painters of the time period, they weren’t painting “real” naked women. The painters would name the naked women in the painting after a goddess’, and thus it was acceptable to gaze at the naked woman because she wasn’t “real.” Sneaky huh? You begin to see paintings of “real” naked women in the early modern art era, which is coincidentally around the time of early women’s rights.
I always planned on going to England someday. I just didn’t realize I would be going so soon. I believe that I’m so lucky. I don’t know many people who get to go on a trip with their best friends and their husband or wife.


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