The day has finally arrived!!!!

With about one week left, Adam was prepared like any would be before a big trip. Never having been to Europe, the trip to England is going to be a totally new experience. It will be interesting to spend several weeks out of the country with other students who are interested in really experiencing the culture of another country. While being excited about all of the sites we are visiting, I am even more excited to have time to see how people in England really live. It is funny to listen to people in my family talk about the trip. My aunt is really excited about us spending time visiting important Shakespearean sites, my mom is thrilled we get to see the Eiffel Tower, and even my brother wants me to bring him back a soccer jersey from one of the local football teams (not the national team). After all the political debate over health care, and the historical opening of the London Olympics, it will be really interesting to see how regular, everyday Brits live and how they think about things.

As a Broadcast and Communication major, I am interested in observing the role media plays in British society, and how people react to media in England. For example, when people in the US were talking about Prince Harry’s partying as if it were a huge scandal, I talked to a former teacher who is from England and she said it really was not such a big deal in England. She said that most British citizens accepted that Harry, although a Prince, is also a young guy who was getting ready to deploy with the military. I do wish I could take a tour of a local television station to see how their equipment compares to what we have at 10TV.

Through the last week, I was not as excited as most people would think.  For many, that is odd for someone who has never traveled to Europe.  Waking up this morning and finally realizing that the day is here.  I am starting to get anxious and excited.  Excited to see how people across the globe live their lives on a daily basis, how a hospital operates and functions, and the historical sites that do not compare to what we have in the United States.  I am sure it is all going to be a culture shock for many of us.  One thing I hope to experience is being able to watch a soccer game at a local pub with fans.  With the time counting down until we leave, I realize that there is three hours until I have to be at the airport and I have not started packing.  Typical guy?  Yes!  So I will contain my excitement for a few hours and get that ready




One thought on “The day has finally arrived!!!!

  1. Melanie Hitsman

    Have a wonderful, fun and safe trip. Thank Dr. PM for taking all of you. I look forward to reading about your travels through England. Royal palaces and parks, abbeys and cathedrals, world class museums, ancient monuments, pubs, shops, restaurants, cafes and theatre at The Globe and West End….Westminster,The Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and the British Museum…, Bath, Stonehenge, Startford Upon Avon….such an amazing experience. I’ll check back often to keep up with all of you.
    Safe travels,
    Mrs. Melanie Hitsman (Adam’s Mom:-)


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