To the Land of Mumford!

I absolutely cannot wait to leave for England tomorrow.  I have been saving up for this trip for four years!  While I was planning on going no matter what, the fact that my best friends are coming along makes it a dream come true!  I cannot wait to go into full tourist mode and see everything London has to offer.

 I am most looking forward to experiencing sites important to world history.  As Trudy mentioned, the United States is in its infancy while England has a history that dates back to the Roman Empire.  I can’t wait to step out into new territory and see places like Stonehenge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the city of Bath and Coventry; places that are markers of world history.  I loved in particular the history modules that we did in class, because they reminded me that England has been through so much as a country and continued to move on and rebuild.  Their spirit cannot be crushed.

 I’m also so excited to go to Paris and see the Louvre.  I’ve always dreamed of seeing the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper in person.  Mostly, I hope to learn as much as I can about a culture different than my own.  I’m excited to learn and grow with my old friends and make some new ones!

 See you in the morning! 


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