Flying, Walking, Eating and Pubs!

Hello fellow followers! We have officially made it safe and sound; plus we have survived the Jet lag and a whole day in Stratford Upon Avon! It has been an interesting trip so far by far so I’ll let you in on some details! First our plan rides were great once we took off, we didn’t have any bad weather and the flight went by quicker than I thought it was. Though I don’t think many people slept. But then we officially arrived and was able to meet the much talked about famous Vince! (AKA our coach driver/tour guide/joke maker/everything else needed!) We then went off in visited the Cottswalt village and walked around like zombies and ate amazing food and then got back on the bus to our hotel. Yesterday was quite a blur as it was all done in a daze driven only by excitment! But since arriving we have now visited Shakespear’s grave, his birthplace, Anne Hathoways grave, her childhood home, and the village of Stratford where we are staying. We have ate at extremely good places and have had some interesting drinks at a few pubs that I would highly reccommend! At one pub we liked it so much we made reservations for tomorrow evening and we also made some new friends! The PUB as I keep wanting to say bar was called Roses & Crowns and we met a group of people from Dublin, Ireland! They were extremely funny and were kind enough to explain to us how to play pool, the England form! So I look forward to playing tomorrow night and hopefully seeing them again as well! But for now I’m going to say Cherio` as that is how you say goodbye here!


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