I know why Hermionies hair is so big!

I love this country! From the outstanding food to the warm people I have completely enjoyed my experience thus far. At the Shakespeare properties I was very excited to see where he was buried. I was is theater throughout high schooI and even in the play “twelfth night” by Shakespeare himself! Seeing where he was born, where is wife lived, were they possibly lived their young married and then seeing where he died was completely amazing! This was a very personal experience for me and an cannot wait to go home to tell me family and friends about my theatrical experience… Also I cannot wait to go to see a show!!!! 😀

Today we also went to Coventry Cathedral, Kenilworth castle and Warwick castle. My favorite was Warwick castle because of how beautifully intact it stil is and how interactive it is. I really enjoyed however, the heartfelt prayer service in the ruins of the old cathedral at Coventry.  I am Catholic so I wince agin felt a personal connection to they simple prayer. It refreshed me for the rest of the day at Warwick.

I ended my day at a delicious Indian restaurant and then a pub with new friends! This experience has been everything I wanted and more! As for my title the humidity has made my hair even bigger….. which I didn’t think was possible!! Also sorry about any typeos the Internet keeps cutting out 😦



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