If the castle fits, conquer it.

Today was filled to the brim with knights in shining armor, tapestries stories upon stories tall, and years of history layered within the sandstone walls of castles and churches. We started off our day visiting the ruins of Kenilworth Castle. Destroyed by Henry VIII, what remains is an open shell of brick and mortar. Still, to see the enormity of the structure is a real jaw-dropper. I cannot even imagine how beautiful the castle must have been in its hay day.
The next errand on our agenda was Coventry Cathedral. There, we toured the remains of the old cathedral from the WWII blitz attack in November, 1940, as well as the new cathedral, built adjacent to the ruins in 1962. Our tour guide was a lovely soul, excited to share with us all her love and devotion for her church. She shared with us her wealth of knowledge about the stain glass windows in the new cathedral, the tapestry extending from floor to ceiling behind the altar, and the impressive window etchings of angels and saints on the west window (which actually faces south). We were also so fortunate enough to attend the Litany of Reconciliation, held every Friday at noon in the ruins of the old cathedral. What a wonderful and emotional tradition that is, granting forgiveness and serenity to those who harm. The litany was originally given as a granting of forgiveness toward the Germans for heavily devastating the city of Coventry with their multiple air raids.
Just when I thought the day couldn’t be any more exciting, we were taken to Warwick Castle. There, we essentially found an adult version of a doll house. Whether you we’re climbing the tower ramparts, engaging in a secret passageway tour of the castle, or taking awkward photos with the wax figurine royalty replicas, it was an absolute blast! Not only was there so much history to be learned, but we also found ourselves sad to leave because of all the fun we had “playing” within the castle walls!
Tonight, a group of us will be dining at a local pub called the Rose and Crown and possibly catching a football game too! I think I can speak for everyone and say that we are thoroughly enjoying our time here and cannot wait for the upcoming days and their adventures! Viva la England.




One thought on “If the castle fits, conquer it.

  1. The Staff

    Glad you all are having a great time over there!!! Please remind your course instructors that your grades are due 3:30pm sharp on February 6. LOL!!! The Registrar’s Office is following your paths. 🙂


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