Let’s get out of these ladies clothes and put on our tights…

(title courtesy of Robin Hood Men in Tights 🙂 )

I will start off this post by saying that this has been such a fantastic trip so far! Minus a few bumps with having flight seats moved around and having little sleep, it has been so much fun. We have already had so many adventures and we are only a few days in!

What I have been enjoying most is getting to spend time with people in the class, especially my friends and those who I did not know as well! It is such a great experience to get people in a relaxed atmosphere where we aren’t really stressed about school! We have taken so many pictures at so many places, with a few token “awkward family photos” thrown in. 🙂

I have really enjoyed everything that we have done so far, like Anne Hathaway’s cottage, Warwick castle, Coventry Cathedral, and Shakespeare’s homes. This country is so full of rich history that extends so much further back than I can imagine living! It is amazing to think that people built and lived in these very places centuries ago. The country is so beautiful, and I love looking at all of the lush, green landscapes on the drives and at the locations we have visited.

One of my favorite things that we have done is go shopping in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon. There are so many lovely shops and boutiques that have great clothing, jewelry, antiques, and other various items. The shop owners are very welcoming to Americans. On Friday morning I was able to go out early with Christine, Alexis, Rose, and Lauren, where we got to see a lot of the cute shops. We also had delicious Costa coffee, which I look forward to trying again!

I am very excited to go to Oxford and East Wellow tomorrow, Stonehenge on Sunday, and London next week! We have so many fun times ahead and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us!

I’ll leave you with some photographic gems 🙂



Awkward Family photo train






Christine, Corinne, and I….a.k.a. cute medieval characters


Warwick Castle entrance


The top of Warwick Castle after lots of stairs!



Completely accurate reenactment of medieval times


Nurses giving shots at Warwick Castle?

Cheerio 🙂


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