The Death of Twitter

There have been many differences that I have been noticing during my trip so far. We have stayed in the lovely town of Stratford Upon Avon, which is the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Even though I am not one of the biggest fans of Shakespeare I do think that he was very lucky to grow up in such a great place.  The people are friendly and kind to tourists, who I am currently, and I am very thankful for that.

During the first night in the hotel I had my first bad experience with one of these major differences, the power outlets and my voltage converter. Sadly enough it was my favorite hair straightener which blew a fuse (if that’s even possible), and created a nasty electrical smoke smell with a sound that was not good. At this point I was very concerned for how the rest of the trip was going to go. My idea of a souvenir was not buying a hair appliance that I will not even be able to use back at home. I am now straightening my hair with a mini (and when I say mini, I mean like the size of a large pen) hair straighter that barely heats up to anything, but surprisingly enough it started getting extremely better.

One of the events that made this trip better was getting to know everybody. It’s interesting being in a place which hardly any person can text, snap chat, Facebook, or Twitter himself or herself to death. The people I am traveling with are unable to escape direct face-to-face conversation with one another because it’s honestly the only way that we can communicate with each other. I love this a whole lot. I also notice that not many locals text constantly while at the table with one another. They seem to take their time and enjoy the others company. It will almost be a culture shock going back to my home and being bombarded by all my technology. I have liked the death of Twitter and Facebook so far and wish it could stay with me back to the United States.


On a quick side note, buggy thefts, which we call baby strollers, are on the rise. This is most likely due to the increasing costs of buggys which are costing up to 467pounds.


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