Taking a Dive in Bath

Today was a busy day.  We left Stratford to head to London.  On the way, we stopped at Bath to explore the city and the Roman baths.  We had self guided tour devices, which explained the history of the city during ancient times.  The baths were amazing, and we wanted to dive in!  However, we learned that they are full of rat feces.  Disgusting!  As you can image, we refrained from bathing in the water!

At the Roman Baths

Roman Baths

After we toured the Roman baths, we had free time to explore the city on our own.  Our shopping trip was very successful, and we purchased some souvenirs for our family members.  Next, we tried pasties, which are a famous English food.  Pasties are similar to calzones, but filled with a pot-pie filling.  While some might enjoy these with cold beverages, we ate them with lattes!  Delicious 🙂


However, the entire time in Bath was not all enjoyable.  There was a painted silver man in the street with many pigeons on his body.  While Kristen ran away, I (Jenna) approached him with another classmate.  The man put bird seed in my hand, and a pigeon flew to me quickly.  Once a photograph was taken, another pigeon decided to come at me, and I went into panic mode.  Then, I had two pigeons on me that would not leave me alone.  I turned my head and screamed!  After the terrifying experience, I cleaned my glove with antibacterial hand soap.

After recovering from the mortifying experience, we boarded the bus and rode to Stonehenge.  As one can imagine, Stongehenge was fascinating to see in person.  An interesting fact about Stonehenge is that sheep surround the whole area.  Baaaa!!


Currently, we have just returned from quite the dinner experience.  After the long day, we went to an Italian restaurant with a couple classmates to “relax”.  Unfortunately, the chicken I (Jenna) ordered was not what I had in mind.  Let’s just say, it reminded me of the turkey on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!  Good thing Rose had leftover pasta to share.

Today, one point we learned more about was the beauty and culture of Bath.  It surprised us how clean and friendly the city and its residents are towards visitors.  We really enjoyed our afternoon exploring a different area of England!

Trying to soak up wifi,

Kristen and Jenna


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