Goodbye Stratford and welcome to London!

Well the bright lights and huge billboards greeted us as we entered the phenomenal city that is London! Quite a different atmosphere from the adorable little town of Stratford but it was a welcomed change for me. Loving big cities and bright lights at night, this city makes me feel like home.

Our trip to London today consisted of a trip to Bath which was beyond gorgeous. The city is an unbelievable view from above, and the actual city is beautiful while walking around. Also the tour of the famous Baths was gorgeous, although a little cold. After that we traveled to Stonehenge. Quite like going to a soccer field, it was about ten to fifteen degrees colder than our previous stops!! Freezing was worth it though, since the sun was shining with amazing bright blue skies behind the stones. The pictures turned out wonderfully.

Now onto London though. The place is beautiful. Tall buildings with fabulous architecture are everywhere and restaurants and fun shops are around for miles. Right down the road is our stop for the underground and around the other corner is the British Museum which will be a trip to remember. After a fabulous Italian pizza dinner with some friends and a quick stop in the market for some water, the night will end snug up in out new TINY hotel rooms in our skinny little beds! Have a good afternoon USA and you’ll hear from us soon!!


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