I finally got to stonehenge!

Today on our way to London we stopped in the beautiful Roman city of Bath. I was unsure of what the city was famous for other than the large bath so i was excited to discover more. I have heard about the famous baths my whole life so finally being able to see it was incredible! I was able to drink some of the water and walk right through the center of the old bath house. I cannot wait to go home and tell my family all about it! 

After a quick ride on the bus we FINALLY got to stonehenge. It has been one of the things i have been looking forward to the most. From all the mystery behind it, to its immense size and remote location, the excitement over took me! I braved the cold and walked right up to the stones. When i came through the walk way it took my breath away. It was everything i expected and more! The stones were just as beautiful and mysterious as i thought and i could not wait to take more pictures! I walked around, awwed at the structure and the sheep, shivverd a bit… Well alot, took some pictures then paused. I paused to take it where i was, how i got there and how lucky i was to be where i was standing. It was breath taking. I then walked inside got a gift for my dad and myself and got back on the bus. 

I will never forget the free feeling i felt up there next to that beautiful structure! I am so blessed to be where i am, and i cannot wait to continue my journey! Bring it on London! 

Ive picked up the accent….have You?!


One thought on “I finally got to stonehenge!

  1. Laura Camarillo

    I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to visit Stonehenge. I imagine the experience would be awe-inspiring! I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures, and am so glad that you’re having such a life-changing experience. You’ll never forget it!


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