London’s Triple Threats: Tours, Transportation, Theatre

Yet another busy day today over here in London! Here is what happened in the past 24 hours:

Tours: We started the morning with the shock of cold temperatures and biting wind! Rain, snow, wind…we had a little bit of every type of precipitation all before 11 AM! After adjusting to the new weather conditions, the class boarded a coach bus and off we were to tour the streets of London. Our tour included main attractions by foot, such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Parliament, followed by a tour by bus of the London’s posh west end…which we plan on exploring more tomorrow! Look out Harrods!!

Class on the guided tour of London!

Transportation: As we mentioned before, we started the day with a coach bus, but we were also introduced to the tube! WOW! A bit overwhelming at first, but we hope we can get used to the intricate mapping system soon. The other form of transportation we took was a double decker bus. Unfortunately, Jenna did not have the greatest experience! As we rushed to board the bus, Jenna’s bus/tube card would not scan and the driver got very frustrated. He was motioning here and there and people were getting upset behind us line! UGH! No sooner did we recover from the yelling match did we get thrown into our seats when the driver aggressively slammed down on the gas pedal! After putting THAT shocking incident behind us, we laughed it off! The grand finale of the bus experience was when we went to exit the bus. Rather than quietly stepping off the bus, looking like pros, the driver slammed the door in Jenna’s face and forced us to yell at him to open them! Frustrating and embarrassing!!

Class on the tube!

Theatre: To end the day, the class attended a wonderful production of The Magistrate at the National Theatre! It was an awesome show and the area around the theatre was fun and exciting! We all definitely enjoyed the evening 🙂

The National Theatre!


Overall, today was a fun and eventful Monday! Our takeaway is that London’s weather might be cold and rainy, but its history is fascinating. To step foot in the Tower of London and come close to the Crown Jewels really puts into prospective England’s rich history, and helped us learn more about some of the world’s most famous leaders/rulers.

Relaxing in the lobby,

Jenna & Kristen


2 thoughts on “London’s Triple Threats: Tours, Transportation, Theatre

  1. Aunt Barb

    Kristen, I am really enjoying all of your adventures! Lucky you. Sorry about Jenna’s ordeal but it will be part of the package of memories you take home with you! AB


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