The Adventures of London!

Well we finally made it to London! And I am happy to say that I have survived a night in London now! I have rode the tube (Which is the underground train system here) along with the famous double decker red buses! I thought that the tube or bus system would be much harder to figure out and learn but it seems to be just a matter of reading maps and following lines. Hopefully I don’t want to eat my words on that now! We have also officially toured the City of London along with all its connecting suburbs (for the most part). Going around the city was a lot of fun and it allowed us to place our surroundings a little more as well figure out where we wish to go later this week on our day off. We got to see the famous Tower of London and see the BEAUTIFUL crown jewels! Boys you have a lot to live up to now! Watch out! I am also very happy to report that we went over the London Bridge and (be ready for the shock here!) we did NOT fall down! Yay! Our hotel is filled with a much younger people this time around and we even made friends from Venice, Italy! Where we have been graced with funny stories, good jokes, and relaxing beautiful music. Well it’s just past midnight here and it is time for some much needed sleep before we go on our tour of the olympic venues tomorrow! Goodbye friends who are taking your glorious time reading this!


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