Next Stop Russell Square!

We have made it to London!! I have to be honest, I was a little nervous when we pulled in to the city last night! It is so different than Stratford, it’s such a busy crowded place. London reminds me of a cleaner, prettier New York City though. It seemed a little sketchy when we did our walking around last night to find dinner. This morning was much better however!
The bus tour of Westminster and London was great, and the tour guide Isabelle was fantastic! She was so funny and informative. Walking through St James park and seeing Buckingham Palace finally made me feel like I was in England! The Tower of London, and the Crown Jewels were the icing on the cake! The snow was a little miserable but it was nice being indoors for most of the day!
Dinner and the theater ended the evening and couldn’t have been more fun! The Mexican food we enjoyed at Les Iguanas and then the performance with John Lithgow was just wonderful! Lots of laughs! Having a wonderful time in London so far!


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