From Stratford Upon Avon to London has been quite the transition. Small town to gigantic/enormous city. I went from green pastures to a concrete jungle. There are so many things that I am learning from this trip.

I am proud to say that I am able to figure out the tube system and get myself around. It is such a fast paced world and I feel completely out-of-place. It is virtually impossible to not seem like a tourist. There is one fear I have about the tube system as well as any subway system which is the fear if being pushed into the trains path. But have no fear, I do believe I
will be able to lie flat in the middle and potentially become the next 15 minute sensation. This is not my goal on the trip.

This is a great country though I am ready to go back home. I am learning to appreciate the small things in life such as having a refrigerator in my hotel room. I will appreciate being able to mix the temperature of my water to a single faucet. In my hotel room there is a faucet for extremely hot and another for ridiculously cold. I will love being able to ask for water at a restaurant and not have to specify whether I want still, sparkling(both of which cost at least£2,) or just plain tap. There are so many more which I can add to this list but I will not bore you any.longer. I am learning more than just the old buildings and cathedrals(which are absolutely amazing). I am truly learning about myself.


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