Becoming Jane…’s Stalker

This past Sunday, our group traveled to the quaint, beautiful, absolutely wonderful city of Bath, England. If you can’t tell, I have the fondest impression of the place, and it has arguably been my favorite destination we’ve visited. Bath is filled with culture, history, shopping, and yes, attractive European men. Single ladies: hit it up! However, I think what made the place so meaningful to me is its strong connection with one of my favorite authors, Jane Austen.
As mentioned in previous blogs, my final project for this course is a detailed recollection of Jane’s footprint left upon the cities of Bath and London. In accordance then, my time in Bath was spent as a sort of “National Treasure” explorer. Armed with a map, a list of addresses and a determined spirit, I hastily made my way around Bath to photograph the various places Jane lived and mentioned in her novels. It was a surreal sort of feeling, knowing you were retracing the exact steps of such an influential figure in the literature world.
For those who may lack interest in traveling to Bath I seek the lodgings of Ms. Austen, fear not, there is PLENTY more to discover. The Roman Baths alone are quite a site to see! Actually, the are the main attraction of the city for everyone else besides myself. Other activities to include on your checklist should also include (in random order of personal importance), The Pump Rooms, The Assembly Rooms, The Crescent, Pultney Bridge…The Circus. The list does really go on and on. Even as an amateur travel critic, I would give Bath five whopping stars bursting in flames of magnificent vacation glory, worthy of pagan worship from travel connoisseurs worldwide. That is all.


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