Clever titles are overrated

What a wonderful place to be! This trip has been so much fun and I don’t even know how to choose what to talk about on my blog! I think one of my favorite places so far was Stonehenge. While it was ridiculously cold and windy, it was still an amazing sight, and I enjoyed getting some wonderful pictures with my friends! One of the best things that has happened so far is just being able to sit on the bus and look out the window at the amazing green English countryside while listening to the British-wonder of Mumford and Sons. I am trying to take in every minute of this trip and enjoy every experience that we have, even if the weather isn’t great.

I have been having quite a time with my project about fashion. I have taken some great photos of British women in shops and boutiques, but I have also had fun taking pictures of women on the street who have classic modern British fashion. This makes me feel like kind of a stalker, but it has been quite interesting trying to get photos! 

It was definitely an adjustment going from Stratford to London, as London is so busy and metropolitan. I really love both cities, and have enjoyed my time in both of them. I wish we had even more time in both places, so I could see absolutely everything that I wanted! It has been interesting navigating the tube and bus systems here in London, but it is certainly fun to say “Mind the Gap” whenever we step on or off of the underground!

I am so excited to go to Paris on Sunday, but I do wish that we had more time there! I am really looking forward to seeing the Eiffel Tower and the city that is so famous for its beauty!


Our first Pasty experience in Bath!


Representing Ohio at Stonehenge!


Being the stones……


Being king’s horses at the Tower of London


Fun at Covent Garden!


Westminster Abbey


Big Ben!


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