Loving Every Minute!

I have to say that one of my absolute favorite things about our trip so far is Big Ben. Located at Parliament Square, the huge clock is an icon that has represented the heart of London since its opening in 1859. We got to hear Big Ben chime on our first day and it had a magical quality. I think since we had all been looking foreword to the trip for so long, setting eyes on the grand tower was like we had finally made it, finally seeing what we had come so far to see. When I pictured London in my head before the trip, Big Ben was always the first image in my mind. 

Today was a really special day for me because I got to walk on the famous Abbey Road. The Beatles of course are another amazing and incredible representative of the land across the pond. We weren’t expecting for it to be so inconspicuous. We almost walked right past it. There weren’t any signs so we didn’t figure that we were actually on Abby Road!  That is until were deafened by honking of cars while people took turns walking across Abbey Road, pausing for a picture in the middle. We tried it. Then tried it again. And once more before finally giving in a paying the guy with the nice camera to take our picture for us, so he could be the one responsible for the honking. It was really fun to watch groups of people take turns, embarrassed by the crowd and cars and then quickly strike a pose. The air was fun and excited. 
We also went to see Privates on Parade tonight. It wasn’t my favorite, but I did enjoy myself. I feel so lucky to be out in the most beautifully city in the world, with the greatest friends anyone could ask for! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the trip holds!

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