E is for Exploring

We just got back to the hotel from a fabulous evening show, Kiss Me Kate! The signing, dancing and acting was absolutely amazing! It was really a fun night that the class seemed to all enjoy! 🙂

Instead of catching you up on activities listed on the itinerary, we thought it would be fun to blog about some stuff we have done in our free time. Listed below are a few of our favorite places/things we have explored while in London:

1. The Restaurants – We have sampled a large variety of cuisines while in London! From Spanish and Italian food, to Asian-fusion, London’s diverse restaurant scene has been so fun and delicious to try. One of our favorite restaurants was Giraffe, and we recommend other students to check it out one evening.

2. Harrods – A trip to Harrods is a must! While we weren’t exactly sure what to expect when we arrived at the store front at Knightsbridge, but we knew it would be something special from comments we had heard. Oh, those comments were true!! Harrods is over-the-top fabulous and opulent! We could have easily spent an entire day exploring the floors of clothing, handbags and shoes…not to mention the amazing food court, which looked like a piece of art work!

Outside of Harrods


3. Abbey Road – It goes without saying, Abbey Road is an important part of London’s music culture. We, too, wanted to walk across Abbey Road and check it off our England bucket list. Although it was a bit smaller than we imagined, the road itself was buzzing with energy from tourists, cars and locals! Definitely one of our favorite afternoon activities! (Sorry, photos of us walking on Abbey Road were not taken on my camera!)


4. Photo Stops – So far, we have taken some great pictures while walking around London in route to tours and shows. While on our way to a guided tour of St Thomas’ hospital (which is a very historic and interesting hospital in London), we took this beautiful picture with Parliament and Big Ben in the background. AWESOME DAY!

Class in front of Parliament


5. Finding Chipotle – As we were waking to the tube last night, we rounded a corner and saw the most amazing sight, Chipotle! A little slice of home! After taking pictures of the building, and jumping for joy, an employee came outside and told us all about Chipotle’s history and locations in London. It was so nice of the employee to step outside and take time to talk to us about his shared loved of Chipotle and ask us about our visit in London. We are hoping to stop in for lunch in the next few days.

London has Chipotle


Overall, we are having a fantastic time exploring London! From planned activities and tours, to unplanned stops and findings, our trip has been an amazing experience so far. One thing we have found is that the people of England have been so kind and helpful to us! They really go out of their way to give directions, tour advice and share stories, making our trip all the more special.

Heading to bed early,

Janet and Christian (our Starbucks names LOL!)


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