Almost Done

Wow this trip has been a huge learning experience for me. I’m really enjoying all of the sights that we are going to and all of the history within this country. The ancient buildings and castles are my favorite part of the trip and I wish we could see more. I would love to come back some day and spend all of my time exploring all the different castles around the country. I wish we could of had more time at the Tower of London I feel like we only got to scratch the surface of the amount of history in that place. I’m still looking forward to the trip to Paris and the London Eye as well. Though i also have to admit at this point I am really looking forward to going home as well.

On a follow up note to my first blog especially concerning the airport security, I must admit it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Also the plane ride wasn’t too bad either, I just wish I could have slept on the way over because landing and immediately seeing sights was not my idea of fun when I’m that tired.

My favorite sights that we have seen so far would probably have to be Warwick castle and Stonehenge. I wish it could be just a little bit warmer around here but I think if bad weather is all we have to deal with then we’re pretty lucky. Though I could live without the paper thin walls of the Hotel as well as our neighbor who snores like a gutted bear all night.

I have for the most part really enjoyed the plays we have seen. with the exception of Privates on Parade. Kiss me Kate and the Magistrate have probably been my favorite plays and I really enjoyed the Merry Wives of Winser as well. I have also really enjoyed all the different food and restaurants around London and Stratford upon Avon. The tube system was fun to learn about and I love how convenient it is to go from place to place around London. I wish we had such good public transport back home. The money took some getting used to especially with all the different types of coins they use, I must admit I prefer our money system in America a lot more. Overall a fantastic trip, I’m so happy I was able to come along on this trip.DSCI0326


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