Beware: There are two Abbey Roads in London

Did you know there are two Abbey Roads in London? Let me tell you that there are. 
This is my story about how a couple of friends went to the wrong Abbey Road. 
Once upon a time there were 7 friends in search for a wonderful place called Abbey Road. There was a newly wed couple, a lively biology major, a mystical theater major and three fantastic nursing majors. They set off on a journey that they would not soon forget. 
 Some how the directions got misread. As a result the destination they began for was not only not the Abbey Road the Beatles famously strutted across, but also on the opposite side of town. It was actually the END of the train route. However, they boarded the train and the excitement began to build! The train rolled on and on and on and finally the Abbey Road stop was in sight. 
They got off the train and immediately the scene was not right. 
“Where are all the people?” Asked the mystical theater major. 
“Where would it be?” Asked the lively biology major.
“I don’t think this is right” pipped up one of the nursing majors.
The newly weds bravely went into a local diner called “The Abbey Road Diner” and their fears became a reality! They were at the WRONG Abbey road! They had gone the wrong way, they were no where close!! With their heads hanging low they were un sure what to do. “Lets venture on, we must see Abbey Road!” The all sang in unison.
They picked up their heads, got back on the train and ventured to the REAL Abbey road. When they finally arrived it was everything they imagined! They saw the groups of people, the photographers and Beatles impersonators dodging traffic and tourists from all over the world giggling in delight!  
“We did it!!” They cried “We made it!” 
They had defeated the train, sifted through the wrong places on the wrong side of the underground, and successfully gotten their typically touristy picture crossing the road.
Moral of the story: have plenty of snacks, some water, a good map and great friends and even the most frustrating situations can be a blast! 

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