I am having a lovely time on this trip! I can’t believe all the amazing things I am seeing and all the exploring we have done! Big Ben and Westminster Abbey are the first that come to mind. I enjoyed our informative tour of St. Thomas hospital with Wendy! She was such a sweet woman and gave us interesting information.
I feel very important to have gotten a tour of the Olympic venue! I didn’t realize it was in such a poor area of the city. But the fact that they are converting some of the athlete housing into low budget housing is wonderful for the public!
It has been quite an adventure finding our way using the tube and double decker busses! We have only lost our way a couple times compared to our many successful trips! It is so neat to use the public transportation that we aren’t so accustomed to in the states.
We weren’t aware of how the city really completely shuts down when it snows! It is very amusing to us, as there was only about an inch on the ground! Trains and busses were packed with people being sent home early from work, they announced delays on all public transportation as well as flight delays. Can’t wait for the remainder of the trip and our visit to Paris!!!


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