One for the money…

Going to Bath and Stonehenge was a great opportunity. The Roman Baths were amazing in regard to the history and structure.  It is hard to believe that they could create something like this a few centuries ago.  I could not help but think how “we” do not have anything anywhere near this in the United States. Clay was able to get many great photos of the Roman Baths that I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life.  I was able to taste that water which is said to have an unusual taste.  While I was a little weary at first.  The waster did not taste as bad as many people made it seem.  An interesting fact that I learned was that the water of the Roman Baths contains 43 minerals which is believed to promote wellness.

The mystery behind Stonehenge makes it much more appealing and exciting to see.  How such large stones, some 25-50 tons, could be positioned the way they are and out in the country is mind-boggling.  To think, this happened over 5000 years ago, makes it that much more impressive.  You could not help but wonder how these massive rocks got there to begin with.  Adam could not believe how drastic the air temperature changed when we arrived. It was much colder and windy than any other place we have been.  As we entered to the field, Clay and Adam wondered to myself as I watched the other tourists snap numerous photos.  How many different photos of a pile of rocks can one person take?  Apparently, the answer is a lot.


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