Paris Bound!

I am so excited I’m not sure i will be able to sleep tonight. I cannot wait to go to Paris. Another bucket list activity to cross off the list. Even though its an early morning and a long day, I know it will be one to remember forever. I hope that the weather cooperates! It has been freezing and windy all day.
Today after our tour of the amazingly beautiful parliament, we headed down to China Town.  We had hoped to get some unique gifts, but there were mostly just markets and restaurants. I did get some dried seaweed that I hadn’t had since I was little so the trip was not in vain. After China Town we grabbed lunch at an Italian restaurant and had an embarrassing  episode there where we tried to pay and the waiter mistook our extra payment as a tip when in reality we didn’t have any smaller bills! After a lecture from the waitress about not leaving too many coins we went to Covent Garden to do more shopping. Clay got to be part of a magic act in the center of the mall! It made my night. Finally, we went back to China Town and had a great dinner. It was the perfect day. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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