Two for the show….

The bus tour of London was exciting because we were able to see London during the day instead of at night.  It was weird at first because I think many of us were not use to being in such a large city in Europe.  First, we drove past the British museum which looked phenomenal and the tour guide said the museum takes up an entire block.  One of the exhibits that Clay thought would look interesting was the ancient Egypt exhibit where mummies and artifacts from the BC era are on display.  After driving around the city of London, we walked down through a park and up to Buckingham Palace.  As the tour guide explained the job of the Queen.  After hearing her explanation of the Queen’s job.  Adam found it to be a very difficult job because she constantly has to be politically correct. She can never give her own opinion on anything and has to remain mutual. Everyone always sees the Queen as glamorous but never understands the work she actually does.

At the end of the tour, we were dropped off at the Tower of London, where William the Conqueror built this castle around 1075.  This was just many castles that William the Conqueror built during his time.  The tower has 12 towers and has so much history inside of it.  The Crowned Jewels were on display in the tower at the Waterloo Barracks. Both of us were able to see the diamonds, jewels, crowns, swords, gold dishes that have been used on royal occasions throughout history.  Many of us realized that during our lifetime,we will be able to see the crowning of a new queen.  Having been to London and all of the historic sites will make that day much more memorable because we will be able to say that we were there.  


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