Bonjour! Je voudrais…

Yesterday our lovely group of people took the train from London, under the English Channel, and into Paris!

I’ve got to be honest here; I was not looking forward to Paris very much prior to the trip. My brother told me that I was going to wish we were spending days there, but I wasn’t convinced. Alas, I stand corrected! (You were right, Jon!)

Paris was an absolute stunner. Everything about it was just as lovely as pop culture makes it seem! Hilariously, the city feels like its eons younger than the places we’ve been in England, but we all know thats laughable compared to the US. The US is the real baby.

We only has the day in Paris, made shorter by snow (yes, snow!) on the tracks, preventing a speedy train trip. I know we’re totally used to snow being from Ohio, but when it snows here, the world stops. The Parisians did not know what to do (nor did the Londoners, for that matter) once just a few centimeters collected on their slick pavement. If you think Columbus has bad driving, then go to Paris. It’s a perspective-changer, to day the least!

We scooted our way from place to place, under the impeccable guiding of our Parisian tour guide. He was awesome. He zipped us straight to the Louvre (!!!!!!!!), giving us the swiftest and fullest tour he could with the little time we had. It was ridiculously amazing. I felt really challenged to reevaluate the terms and standards of beauty we have in our culture compared to the cultures of old, even just from that short visit.

Next, we headed for Eiffel Tower photo ops, where we beheld a white-washed snowy backdrop, paired with a Nutella crepe. Talk about dreamy and delightful. After touring the city by bus, our hilariously animated tour guide leading the way, we stopped in a restaurant for a Croque Madame (the best sandwich ever of my life – a Parisian classic), Parisian red wine, and upside down apple tart with Grand Marnier. Too much wonderful in kme sitting! From there we headed to the train station to return to London.

I love Paris. Despite my feet getting soaked in the slosh and puddles, and despite getting stuck on the train for five hours on the way home, putting us back to the hotel at 2:00 am, I loved Paris! It was only a slight little taste if the city, of course, soooo I suppose I’ll just have to go back. 🙂 Let’s just say Im going to have to come back and get the French language under my belt, in full (I was able to order my meal and almost have the most simple of conversations! But not good enough for me) . That’s a good enough reason, right?



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