Cheerio, England, I will miss thee

I cannot believe that this trip is coming to an end already. While it does feel like I’ve been gone for awhile, I really don’t want to leave. Unlike most of my classmates, Ohio is not really home for me. Ohio is more of a place where I go to school, and the idea of going from this beautiful vacation to school makes me really sad. I have loved every minute of this British adventure, and I am so glad that I took the opportunity to come here. 

Paris was a wonderful city, but very very very cold and wet! I feel lucky to have seen it in the snow, but I could have done without so much cold! I cannot wait to go back someday when I can see more things and really enjoy my time there. It was so cool seeing the Eiffel Tower, and I wish that we had more time to see the Louvre. I could also do without getting stuck inside the Chunnel!

The London Eye was an amazing experience as well. We could not have asked for nicer weather, and the views were amazing! I have had such a fantastic time getting to know the people on this trip, I am coming away with new friends, and stronger friendships with old friends. 

I really can’t believe how many things we have done and seen on this trip and I still can’t wait to come back and enjoy it more! People were so friendly and welcoming here, and I will miss that when I leave! I will leave this blog with some photos 🙂






On the London Eye


Snow in London!



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