Our little trip to Paris…

Well… This has been an interesting day to say the least. At 7am this morning we left on our journey to Paris! Little did we know it wasn’t going to go exactly as planned. First we boarded the Eurostar train and then we realized we would be traveling backwards in our seats all the way there. Due to the weather we had multiple delays and the train had to stop on a bridge. A couple hours later we arrived in Paris. Our tour guide Fred met us at the station for our adventure to begin. We first went to the Louvre which was absolutely spectacular. We did a rapid tour there in order to get to the Eiffel Tower in time. I learned so much about the Mona Lisa that I never knew before. We boarded the coach again to head to the place we were all waiting patiently to see. We got to the Eiffel Tower and received our tickets all before we realized that it was closed and we would not be able to head up. It was definitely a disappointment, but in the end it was so cool to just be in Paris with the snow and standing at the base of the Eiffel Tower. We even had a few snowball fights going on in the park near by. Next stop was picture time and to just get a fabulous view of the city even though it was kind of impossible due to the weather and fog. Finally we ended our day at Notre Dame. By this time we were all freezing and cold and had to wait outside even longer, but the site inside was well worth it. It is such a beautiful place and I was not expecting to go their today. We ended our trip to Paris with a nice French dinner. It included french onion soup, chicken and french fries, and lastly tiramisu. It was sooo delicious. Back to the station we went where we weren’t with our group and we were placed on a new train due to the weather. Everything is fine now as I sit on the train doing this blog except for a few minor delays. I can officially say it was a successful day to Paris!! Lets pray we make it back to London now. :))  So… I was unable to post this last night due to the fact that our train ride ended up being about 5 hours long and then we had to hike about 12 blocks or so back to the hotel! It was definitely an adventure kind of day. 


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