Because my WiFi wouldn’t work in London…

I wrote this post on Saturday, however, I was unable to post because of the failing WiFi.

Today was a tiring but fun day.  We took a tour of parliament that was interesting.  It was hard to picture sessions actually taking place in there because, to me, it seemed like a museum.  I enjoyed learning some information about the history of the building as well as the members of parliament.  


After parliament Rose, Melanie, Alexis and I ventured to find Camden marketplace.  When I researched things we could visit on our free days/time, Camden was highly recommended for cheaper eateries as well as good shopping.  A professor also told Melanie that it was a worthwhile trip, so we were pretty excited.  It turned out to be completely different from what we were expecting.  It was full of cheaper souvenir shops and the “cheaper eateries” seemed more like fair food.  We ate lunch at EAT and then went back to the hotel to drop Melanie off.  Then, Rose, Alexis, and I went to Oxford street to shop.  We really wanted to find the Anthropologie store because we passed it last night on the way home from the bar but we couldn’t find it.  We walked into some other shops but didn’t find much.  It was fun to walk around though! 


After shopping we came back to the hotel and met up with Corinne and Lauren for dinner.  None of us wanted to venture out too far so we settled on Il Fornello up the street, which was good.  I’ve had Italian more than any other kind of food on this trip, but I’m not complaining!


Tomorrow is Paris (as long as the weather isn’t bad).  I’m very excited!  Pictures coming soon.






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