Internet was hard to come by in England and I did not want to waste precious sight seeing time on the internet, so i wrote in a journal and am now going to recap some moments of my trip!

England: Day 1

I am in both a constant state of shock/disbelief and ecstasy when i look around at the stunning English country side. Luckily, i got sleep on the plane and bus, so I was wide awake for the first day. We drove to Woodstock from Gatwick. There, we had tea and walked around the quaint streets, into cute shops and book stores, and to the gates of Blenheim palace. Oh, and before that we stopped at Winston Churchill’s grave in Bledon. After Woodstock, we drove on tiny, winding country roads through picturesque villages scattered about the Cottswolds. Most people were asleep, but it was a gorgeous day and i’m so glad i stayed awake to see the sights and listen to Vince (our hilarious bus driver) talk. Finally, we made it to Stratford upon Avon where a much needed shower, brushing of teeth, and nap took place. It had only been one day, but already i had packed in a week’s worth of memories!




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