Last day!

January 22nd! So, this entire trip has been very special, but one of the best days I had on this trip was the last day! A little background, I am trying to apply to graduate schools and my favorites so far has been Duke. Well, early on during our trip to London I was fortunate enough to receive an offer for an interview! Laurissa Topelin received one as well! I thought this would be perfect since our trip was supposed to connect in Charlotte, North Carolina. I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if I could do an in person interview? However, the people at Duke sent me an email stating a phone interview would be better. Fast forward to January 22nd. I’m sitting in the Charlotte airport and I just happen to check my email on Corinne’s ipad and there was a new email from Duke! They wanted to know if I could meet for an in person interview the following morning January 23rd at 10 am. I was shocked. I pulled Dan aside and I told him we needed to talk. I knew this was going to cost us a lot of money but I felt that the benefits of doing an in person interview over a phone interview were substantial. So, we talked to people and google searched and what we discovered was that it would cost us a lot more then we had first imagined. Somewhere around $800 or so. As you can imagine, we had basically given up when all of a sudden a voice came over the loud speaker asking if anyone wanted to delay their flight to Columbus. We hurried up to the podium and I explained our situation. Without blinking this man from US airlines told us he was going to give us a hotel to sleep in for free, a free plane trip home and a flight to Raleigh and back for the interview! Never in my life had I felt so lucky! I immediately started to cry. I couldn’t believe what this man was offering! But it turned out perfectly and I ended up making the interview the next day at Duke. The interview went really well and hopefully I will hear from Duke soon! This trip gave me so many important memories, and even on the last day I was still being amazed. 


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