Wow!  I can now say that I have had the privilege to shop at Harrods, the largest department store in the world…need I say more?!  It was AWESOME!! I felt like a little kid in a candy shop! Designer this, designer that, and all in one place!! You can get pretty much anything your little heart desires at this store. Whether it’s that pair of killer Louis Vuitton heels you’ve been eyeing, or a Burberry coat, or even that Hermes bag you’ve always dreamed of; Harrods has them all!  This massive store can eat up buckets of time if you’re not careful with all of the different fabulous departments! There’s even a “food court” there, which in actuality is a lot more like a giant food market, which consists of four departments. Who would have thought you could get a designer gown, a mink coat, and a lobster for dinner all in one place?!  It was definitely an experience, and I would certainly recommend it to everyone! Image


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