Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza

So throughout the week in London- when in doubt order pizza. We arrived in London on a Sunday night and had no idea of any of the restaurants near the hotel. We took a walking tour of the the blocks near by, but it was still dark and foreign to us. Our teacher recommended a local pizza place called Pizza Express so we all agreed to go there. We were expecting like pizza to go and by the slice comparable to Sbarro’s in the states. When we got there we soon found out that not to be the case. We ordered our pizza with the thin crust, but little did we know that there wouldn’t be a difference in the thin and thicker crust. It was very light and not filling at all. There also wasn’t a ton of cheese on top either. Later in the week before we saw Privates on Parade we went to a restaurant called Garfunkel’s. This was one of my least favorite meals. So once again when I wasn’t sure of what to order I got pizza. The crust was extremely thin just as it was at Pizza Express. They had sliced tomatoes on it for a fresher taste. I would compare it to a hot and ready at Little Caesar’s. Finally the day we visited Chinatown and Little Italy we had no idea of where to eat because all of the food around us was foreign. I personally don’t like Italian food due to the garlic and our friend Emily is very picky as well and wouldn’t eat at a Chinese so we were in a predicament. We finally agreed on a Italian restaurant, but I was scared to try anything else but pizza. So I ordered a cheese pizza once again. The crust was very thin and the pizza itself had very little cheese on it. I noticed that on just about every menu you could order pizza and they would all be served the same way. I thought it was funny that they had a pizza called the American pizza and it had pepperoni on it and some had peppers as well. So I am definitely done with pizza for a little while.


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