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Last Day in London

Our last day in London went by pretty quickly!  It was a slow start because we were up late from our long train ride back from Paris.  We took a tour of St. Paul’s cathedral, which was beautiful.  The architecture was a lot different from the other cathedrals we have seen so far and I enjoyed seeing it.  The tour was a little too long for me, but it was worth seeing. 


After the cathedral, we went to one of the things I was most excited for…the London Eye!  It was the perfect day with blue skies and hardly any clouds.  We weren’t all allowed to ride in the same bubble so we split up.  It was amazing to see London from so far up and we took some great pictures.  This was probably one of my favorite things we did in London. 


After the Eye, Mackenzie, Alexis and I went to Covent garden to eat lunch and shop.  We ate at a little café called Paul’s and had a sandwich and salad.  Then, Alexis went back to the hotel and Mackenzie and I shopped around for a while.  It was nice to have a large chunk of free time without feeling rushed to be somewhere.


After shopping we came back to the hotel for our last group dinner.  It was nice to talk about our favorite parts of the trip and what we are looking forward to the most at home.  I have enjoyed making memories with my friends and I have also made some amazing new friends!   





Mackenzie and I at our last dinner!


Because my WiFi wouldn’t work in London…

I wrote this post on Saturday, however, I was unable to post because of the failing WiFi.

Today was a tiring but fun day.  We took a tour of parliament that was interesting.  It was hard to picture sessions actually taking place in there because, to me, it seemed like a museum.  I enjoyed learning some information about the history of the building as well as the members of parliament.  


After parliament Rose, Melanie, Alexis and I ventured to find Camden marketplace.  When I researched things we could visit on our free days/time, Camden was highly recommended for cheaper eateries as well as good shopping.  A professor also told Melanie that it was a worthwhile trip, so we were pretty excited.  It turned out to be completely different from what we were expecting.  It was full of cheaper souvenir shops and the “cheaper eateries” seemed more like fair food.  We ate lunch at EAT and then went back to the hotel to drop Melanie off.  Then, Rose, Alexis, and I went to Oxford street to shop.  We really wanted to find the Anthropologie store because we passed it last night on the way home from the bar but we couldn’t find it.  We walked into some other shops but didn’t find much.  It was fun to walk around though! 


After shopping we came back to the hotel and met up with Corinne and Lauren for dinner.  None of us wanted to venture out too far so we settled on Il Fornello up the street, which was good.  I’ve had Italian more than any other kind of food on this trip, but I’m not complaining!


Tomorrow is Paris (as long as the weather isn’t bad).  I’m very excited!  Pictures coming soon.





Today was a fun and exciting day! It was an early start to the day, which was a little rough because Melanie and I were unable to fall asleep until after 4am this morning (giggles and song writing did not help).  Despite a little exhaustion, we woke up, got ready, and boarded the bus at 9am. 


The first stop was Kenilworth Castle and it was beautiful.  We were able to walk up to the gate and take some great pictures, including an obligatory awkward family photo with Melanie, Lauren, Rose, Alexis and I.  We walked around the gates a little and then got back on the bus to go to Coventry Cathedral. 


Coventry Cathedral was a fascinating church.  Seeing the light shine through the stained glass windows, even on a gloomy day, was amazing.  There was a tapestry, the second largest in the world, covering the whole wall before the altar.  Jesus is shown seated, surrounded by the four Evangelists.  It was an incredible work of art.  Our group was fortunate to have been able to see the Litany of Reconciliation.  The priest presented a short speech and closed by including us in a simple prayer ‘Father forgive’.    


We saved the best for last (in my opinion at least) by visiting Warwick Castle.  We ate lunch in their café and then began to tour the castle.  The setting was unbelievable.  It’s crazy to think that people actually lived in these castles!  We climbed to the top of the towers by taking spiral staircases…it was roughly 500 steps!  There was also a bird show that was very entertaining.


Alexis, Corinne and I went to an Indian Restaurant for dinner and it was delicious!  It was a fun experience also.  The waiters greeted us by taking our coats and then unfolded our napkins and set them on our lap.  We ordered dishes to share including Chicken Hande and Lamb Tikkah something.  We got fried rice and garlic naan with it as well.  I really enjoyed it!  We then went to meet another group at a pub and ordered drinks and dessert.  It was a great day! 






Indian dinner!


Kenilworth Castle

There’s a colonial woman on the wing!

Procrastinate [proh-kras-tuh-neyt] (verb): to put off until another day or time. While I have had my precise packing list finished for some time now, I haven’t been able to make myself complete the actual daunting task of packing my suitcase until today (Sunday). Don’t congratulate me quite yet, however, because the mission is still in progress. I am welcoming this break to write my first blog entry!

Looking at the itinerary, I cannot specifically choose what excites me most about this trip. It will be my first time traveling abroad and I am looking forward to the whole experience. I’m excited to see the settings and architecture of cathedrals and castles that I have only previously seen in pictures. Learning about these landmarks in class as well as researching them on my own has made me even more eager to experience them in person!

I am particularly excited to see the nursing-related stops that we have planned on our trip. I feel as though I have learned so much regarding the history of nursing up to this point in my education, and that I can truly appreciate what I am about to see and experience. Observing East Wellow will definitely be a moving experience as well as visiting the Florence Nightingale museum. I am also very interested in seeing St. Thomas hospital and St. Bart’s while comparing it to hospitals in the United States. One of my goals for the trip is to speak with Dr. Shona Brown to learn more about the nursing curriculum in England. I also hope to talk to Dr. Pryor-McCann more and learn about her experiences at the University of Brighton School of Nursing. This will hopefully help with my project.

While I am excited for all of these things, I am also looking forward to observing the culture for myself. I would like to see some places that not only attract tourists, but locals as well. Participating in this trip as a senior is a special experience and I am prepared to make it one of my favorite memories at Otterbein. Some of my best friends will be with me and I can’t wait to make new memories as well as get to know other students outside of my major.

Airplane Scene from Bridesmaids

Canterbury Cathedral