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Beware: There are two Abbey Roads in London

Did you know there are two Abbey Roads in London? Let me tell you that there are. 
This is my story about how a couple of friends went to the wrong Abbey Road. 
Once upon a time there were 7 friends in search for a wonderful place called Abbey Road. There was a newly wed couple, a lively biology major, a mystical theater major and three fantastic nursing majors. They set off on a journey that they would not soon forget. 
 Some how the directions got misread. As a result the destination they began for was not only not the Abbey Road the Beatles famously strutted across, but also on the opposite side of town. It was actually the END of the train route. However, they boarded the train and the excitement began to build! The train rolled on and on and on and finally the Abbey Road stop was in sight. 
They got off the train and immediately the scene was not right. 
“Where are all the people?” Asked the mystical theater major. 
“Where would it be?” Asked the lively biology major.
“I don’t think this is right” pipped up one of the nursing majors.
The newly weds bravely went into a local diner called “The Abbey Road Diner” and their fears became a reality! They were at the WRONG Abbey road! They had gone the wrong way, they were no where close!! With their heads hanging low they were un sure what to do. “Lets venture on, we must see Abbey Road!” The all sang in unison.
They picked up their heads, got back on the train and ventured to the REAL Abbey road. When they finally arrived it was everything they imagined! They saw the groups of people, the photographers and Beatles impersonators dodging traffic and tourists from all over the world giggling in delight!  
“We did it!!” They cried “We made it!” 
They had defeated the train, sifted through the wrong places on the wrong side of the underground, and successfully gotten their typically touristy picture crossing the road.
Moral of the story: have plenty of snacks, some water, a good map and great friends and even the most frustrating situations can be a blast! 

I finally got to stonehenge!

Today on our way to London we stopped in the beautiful Roman city of Bath. I was unsure of what the city was famous for other than the large bath so i was excited to discover more. I have heard about the famous baths my whole life so finally being able to see it was incredible! I was able to drink some of the water and walk right through the center of the old bath house. I cannot wait to go home and tell my family all about it! 

After a quick ride on the bus we FINALLY got to stonehenge. It has been one of the things i have been looking forward to the most. From all the mystery behind it, to its immense size and remote location, the excitement over took me! I braved the cold and walked right up to the stones. When i came through the walk way it took my breath away. It was everything i expected and more! The stones were just as beautiful and mysterious as i thought and i could not wait to take more pictures! I walked around, awwed at the structure and the sheep, shivverd a bit… Well alot, took some pictures then paused. I paused to take it where i was, how i got there and how lucky i was to be where i was standing. It was breath taking. I then walked inside got a gift for my dad and myself and got back on the bus. 

I will never forget the free feeling i felt up there next to that beautiful structure! I am so blessed to be where i am, and i cannot wait to continue my journey! Bring it on London! 

Ive picked up the accent….have You?!

I know why Hermionies hair is so big!

I love this country! From the outstanding food to the warm people I have completely enjoyed my experience thus far. At the Shakespeare properties I was very excited to see where he was buried. I was is theater throughout high schooI and even in the play “twelfth night” by Shakespeare himself! Seeing where he was born, where is wife lived, were they possibly lived their young married and then seeing where he died was completely amazing! This was a very personal experience for me and an cannot wait to go home to tell me family and friends about my theatrical experience… Also I cannot wait to go to see a show!!!! 😀

Today we also went to Coventry Cathedral, Kenilworth castle and Warwick castle. My favorite was Warwick castle because of how beautifully intact it stil is and how interactive it is. I really enjoyed however, the heartfelt prayer service in the ruins of the old cathedral at Coventry.  I am Catholic so I wince agin felt a personal connection to they simple prayer. It refreshed me for the rest of the day at Warwick.

I ended my day at a delicious Indian restaurant and then a pub with new friends! This experience has been everything I wanted and more! As for my title the humidity has made my hair even bigger….. which I didn’t think was possible!! Also sorry about any typeos the Internet keeps cutting out 😦


I’m going over seas… without my family?! WAIT WHAT

I have been flying since I was an infant and I have been going over seas since I was eight years old.  I have been to quite a few places so traveling is something I enjoy and I am used to it.  However, I have always traveled with my family.  This seems like a pretty normal thing, mom, dad, siblings maybe grandparents, the usual. But you must know my vacations have been everything but normal and I do not travel with just “the usual” family members… I travel with 15 other people.  That’s right 16 all together. The ages rage from from 14 to 85 and we have been going on this massive family vacations since before my youngest cousin was born. There is always and I mean ALWAYS someone there to help you out, or annoy you by the end of the trip.  With 3 aunts 3 uncles 4 cousins 1 sister 2 parents and 2 grandparents, the only thing I ever had to think about was keeping up with the group!

So, when I got the opportunity to go on this trip you can imagine the conflicted feelings I felt. Happy, Excited, Nervous but mostly, what am I gonna do without my family?! I have been struggling with the idea of not having them with me this entire preparation process. But with a family who travels all over the world together, more than once, there has to be some support.  With the help of all of them I have been convinced that this is going to be an AMAZING trip (it didn’t take THAT much convincing).

I am most excited to see… everything! From Coventry Cathedral to the Dover Cliffs, I am beyond excited to see all of the famous monuments.  When it comes to the Nursing aspect of the trip I cannot wait to the the hospitals of England and especially where Florence Nightingale worked.  I really hope I have to chance to talk to an English nurse.  I think that hearing their opinions and experience about nursing will not only be interesting but also be helpful to my project about midwives in England.

From this trip I hope to not only see and experience everything England has to offer but also gain more confidence in my ability to travel on my own!! I fully intend on submerging myself into this experience and come out an even better world traveler!