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The favorites!

Were finally on our way back home so I thought I would take a moment to talk about all my favorite places and memories from the trip. First of all, my roommate Emily was awesome. We had no problems and got along great the whole trip which made everything so much easier. My favorite places in Stratford were Anne Hathoways cottage and the garrick pub. In London I really enjoyed all the sites especially big ben and the London eye. It was really awesome going on the London eye twice, once during the day and once at night. Paris was amazing although I was a little surprised by the Eiffel tower, I thought it would be a little more impressive but it was still a bucket list moment checked off. The lourve was amazing, I could have spent a lot more time in there looking at all the art and history of the artifacts. I definitely enjoyed my entire trip, we got to see all the iconic figures or places any tourist would want to see and spend time getting to know the city but im glad to be coming home. Its been real, next vacation will definitely he somewhere warm though and now that I have my passport, the possibilities are endless!



Well I started this trip with $350 thinking that would be enough to cover gifts and most of my food. Well I thought wrong. To be honest I really don’t want to look at my bank account because I probably spent atleast another $300 on top of that. I had a blast shopping though. Went to Harrods in London which was amazing and to china town, oxford street, covent garden and Stratford. I think my favorite day of shopping was on oxford street. Emily and I spent hours going to all the stores and wondering around the city and finally after searching forever found the London Victoria secret and bought some cute new clothes. Im pretty happy with everything ive gotten even if I did spend an arm and a leg to get gifts for everyone, hope their happy when I get home!

England Here We Come…and Paris Too

Ok. So I have to admit, I’m starting to become a little more excited for our trip as the days get closer to departure. Originally I was kindof bummed about going on this trip because I wanted to go to Argentina and Uruguay. My plan was to camp in the Jungle, attempt to speak some spanish, go snorkeling and hopefully not catch maleria from mosquitos at night. However my parents were not down for that option and so now, England it is. I guess its fitting, seeing as thats where my ancestors are from and this trip is nursing related.

So while I’m there in England I am looking forward to seeing the main sites, such as the famous buildings and cathedrals and well as the castles. Hopefully we’ll get to travel to the falconry because it would be pretty awesome to just catch a big hawk on your arm. I am also looking forward to seeing the Intensive Care Units at hospitals we will be visiting since I work in an ICU here in Ohio.

I am a little skeptical of our hotels and differences between the UK and USA. First of all…i will be checking for bed one wants those. Also, I like to work out so hopefully they have a small gym at the hotel, but if not I can always go running if anyone would like to join. While on this trip I think i will also be going on the “I’m too cheap to buy food diet” because I would rather spend money on fun things or things to bring home. Hopefully all is well. Getting excited, only one day left here in the States!