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A long, worthwhile journey.. PARIS

Woke up at 5:45 am to begin an adventurous journey to Paris, France. I was thinking it would just be another city to see and another day of travel. 

[For starters]… After 13 days of no “whoopsies” I did the forbidden and misplaced my Oyster card.  This probably happened last night during my attempt to pack, I must have gotten flustered and overwhelmed by the amount of items I have and forgotten where I shoved my most important item (for our week in London). 
After a 5 minute set-back I got my day pass for the tube and all worked out fine, as it always does. We sat for about 25 minutes until we were off… On the train. The train was much more peaceful then expected with a few stops here and there. When we made it, our tour guide and coach driver were waiting upon our arrival. Our first stop was the Louve. I must say everything was breathtaking, inside and out. After our quick tour around and finishing at the Mona Lisa, we ventured to the Eiffel tour. My first initial thought of the Eiffel tour was “That’s it? That’s what all the hype is about?”  However, I was not expecting it to be that large. I must say, with such a fast pace tour, I have learned a great deal of the elite city of Paris.  It is an extremely posh area with so many gorgeous buildings.  The city itself is close to being indescribable. 
Kimi, Jenna, Kristin, Adam and I went into a restaurant and enjoyed a class of wine with dinner, little did I know that would be much needed for our travels back to London. When we got to the train station, we went upstairs to check thru the gate. We all received tickets for a completely different train and an earlier time.  We had encountered a rude worker, so we finally found a women who was more than willing to help us out. After meeting up with the other half of the group, we found our way (together) and headed toward the gate [where I FINALLY found my macarons].  Upon our arrival, we were told it would only be about 2 hours.. I think. We left Paris 8pm (London time) and here we are sitting on the train STILL at 1 am (London time). This has possibly been the longest day thus far, but such a beautiful, scenic and worthwhile adventure. Image