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England: first night out

After our first dinner as a group most people went to bed, but some of us decided to go to a pub for a real, English experience! Ellie, Dan, Jess, Emily and I went to the oldest pub in Stratford called the Garrick where apparently good old Billy Shakes used to hang around and get sloshed! As a theatre major, i  thought it was only fitting to pay homage to the man and have a few drinks in his old stomping grounds. It was a blast! Ultimately, we were all exhausted though and knew rest was necessary in order to have a productive day the next day, so we did leave at a decent hour and with very low blood alcohol levels 🙂 The walk home was BEAUTIFUL though! We walked through a beautifully misty fog on deserted brick roads with street lights twinkling all around us. While trying to get a picture of all of us (and, incidentally, failing) an adorable older married couple celebrating 42 years together named the Jeffersons offered to take our picture. They were HILARIOUS! (and also a bit drunk). That is the best part about traveling in different cultures- meeting local people and finding commonalities with them. It makes the world seem much smaller and highlights the fact that we are all united and the same. It also further submerges you into the culture, which is why one travels in the first place!




Internet was hard to come by in England and I did not want to waste precious sight seeing time on the internet, so i wrote in a journal and am now going to recap some moments of my trip!

England: Day 1

I am in both a constant state of shock/disbelief and ecstasy when i look around at the stunning English country side. Luckily, i got sleep on the plane and bus, so I was wide awake for the first day. We drove to Woodstock from Gatwick. There, we had tea and walked around the quaint streets, into cute shops and book stores, and to the gates of Blenheim palace. Oh, and before that we stopped at Winston Churchill’s grave in Bledon. After Woodstock, we drove on tiny, winding country roads through picturesque villages scattered about the Cottswolds. Most people were asleep, but it was a gorgeous day and i’m so glad i stayed awake to see the sights and listen to Vince (our hilarious bus driver) talk. Finally, we made it to Stratford upon Avon where a much needed shower, brushing of teeth, and nap took place. It had only been one day, but already i had packed in a week’s worth of memories!



From Westerville to West End

Where to begin? I have dreamed of going to England for many years now- ever since Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy first captured my heart in Pride and Prejudice and even when I was forced to read Jane Eyre and subsequently fell in love with it as well. British literature, culture, and (being a theatre major) theatre fascinates me! It has always seemed magical and romantic, and i feel as though i am about to stumble into a fantasy. I cannot wait to see the beautiful country side, I am thrilled to see the Merry Wives of Windsor at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, I am fascinated to see the fast paced city life in London, and I am in disbelief that i will finally be seeing shows on the West End! Most importantly, i just cannot wait to breathe the air of a place that i have never been before, to see sights that i’ve yet to see, and to take in every moment i possibly can, savoring each new moment with an insatiable desire to learn more and experience everything.