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Back Home!

England and Paris are now 4000 miles away. I’m back in my apartment and classes start tomorrow. Still working on that final project we have due on Monday….

I have to say I am very glad to be back in the States. I missed my fish and nearly killed some of my plants. The vacation waterer for them failed and I’m crossing my fingers I didn’t come home to late.

They need to make ear plugs for planes that work longer than one round trip. They should also let you know when the plane is starting to descend so those with airplane ear can get said earplugs in before they spend the rest hour of the trip in excruciating pain. Finally got my hearing back fully a couple days ago. ūüôā

In hindsight, the trip was a blast!! I really did enjoy it. I’d love to go back in a couple of years and see everything again, along with kennelworth and dover castle when they’re open!

I’m sure this trip has created lifelong memories for all. I know I’ll be thinking about it for the rest of my life!


Almost Over!!

I originally meant to make my next post back on Tuesday but we’ve had very bad luck with the internet since arriving in England.

Were do I start? We’ve seen so much in just a short time!

The flight over here was very tiring. Sleep just wasn’t possible and then when we arrived in Gatwick it was already morning so we couldn’t get a rest before starting our adventure! The first few days we visited Winston¬†Churchill’s¬†grave, Anne Hathaway’s cottage and the birthplace/grave of Shakespeare. What I really loved though were the castles!¬†Unfortunately¬†Kennelworth and Dover castle were closed but we still got to see Warwick!! Caitlin and I did the 534 steps through the towers of warwick. The spiral staircases made me very dizzy and by the time we were done my legs were shaking like mad! Tower if London was also very cool, though I wish we’d had more time to look around there. We got over an hour in the crown of jewels but only 45 minutes for everything else after that. Still got to see the¬†armory¬†and weapons exhibit but missed out on the torture chamber =(

Seems for a large part of this trip there has always been plenty of time for shopping but not for actually seeing things….

One of the Towers of the castle looks identical to one seen in one of my favorite shows Merlin. I haven’t been able to confirm it or not, but there was a really nice Merlin attraction there(and like any other fangirl I got Merlin t-shirts and a Kilgharrah figurine =D ).

Lots of what we’ve seen have been guided tours of Cathedrals/Churches and hospitals. The tours were nice and the guides were very knowledgeable but the constant¬†barrage¬†of anglo-saxxon christiantiy gets very tiring if you’re the non-religious type…..

Through our stay here we’ve seen 4 plays, Merry Wives of Windsor, The Magistrate, Privates on Parade, and Kiss me Kate. ¬†Merry Wives of Windsor was a hilarious comedy though a tad hard to understand with the¬†Shakespearean¬†english. The Magistrate was even better. The acting was great and the songs are still stuck in my head! Privates on Parade was a sad let down. I was expecting a funny musical comedy but the plot was weak, the flow was horrible, and there was a complete lack of warning on the full frontal male nudity(needless to say I spent most of the play staring at what was now a very lovely floor wanting to throw up). Kiss Me Kate was by far my favorite and I would love to go see it a second time. Every actor was¬†phenomenal¬† the dancing was great. A good number of had front row seats and were laughing the entire time!!

Our stay here is now quickly coming to close. It’s been very cold, wet, and snowy the past few days. ¬† I’m hoping our trip to Paris won’t be delayed or canceled! Monday’s the London Eye and Tuesday we head for home!!Been having a really great time though I can easily say now that I am looking forward to going home to my own bed, good internet, and flushing toilets!!DSCI0037 DSCI0039 DSCI0462 DSCI0466 DSCI0469

Over the pond

Traveling isn’t anything new to me. I’ve done the couple trips to Florida to visit grandparents, a summer visit to Colorado this past year, and previous trips to Canada and Costa Rica. Now while I’m writing this and getting the last of my things packed, I can’t quell down the pre-travel jitters. Mind-numbing ear pain usually dulls some of my happiness of plane travel. Ironic that ¬†the source of it is from nothing being wrong with my ear rather than there being anything wrong. This will be the longest flight I’ve ever been on so I’m hoping downing a couple a sudafed and near prescription level pain killers will keep that from happening.

I don’t know that much on British culture outside of Merlin, dragonheart, and a few episodes of Sherlock. ¬†I’ve never been a Doctor Who fan(and a couple friends believe this makes me demon-spawn). I’ve always loved seeing other cultures though and England is no exception.

I guess the reality of this trip has only just his me. It feels like yesterday I was thinking “It’s ok. You’re not leaving for another 2 months” and now I’ll be up again in less than 12 hours heading to the airport.

Of all the places we’re going, I can’t wait to see¬†Stonehenge¬†the most. I guess I am one of those people that believe in “energy fields” and I’ve loved the mystery of¬†Stonehenge¬†since I was a child.

Second to Stonehenge for me will be the Eiffel Tower. Never have enjoyed heights but the prospect of being more than 1,000ft in the air makes me all the more eager to go.