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Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza

So throughout the week in London- when in doubt order pizza. We arrived in London on a Sunday night and had no idea of any of the restaurants near the hotel. We took a walking tour of the the blocks near by, but it was still dark and foreign to us. Our teacher recommended a local pizza place called Pizza Express so we all agreed to go there. We were expecting like pizza to go and by the slice comparable to Sbarro’s in the states. When we got there we soon found out that not to be the case. We ordered our pizza with the thin crust, but little did we know that there wouldn’t be a difference in the thin and thicker crust. It was very light and not filling at all. There also wasn’t a ton of cheese on top either. Later in the week before we saw Privates on Parade we went to a restaurant called Garfunkel’s. This was one of my least favorite meals. So once again when I wasn’t sure of what to order I got pizza. The crust was extremely thin just as it was at Pizza Express. They had sliced tomatoes on it for a fresher taste. I would compare it to a hot and ready at Little Caesar’s. Finally the day we visited Chinatown and Little Italy we had no idea of where to eat because all of the food around us was foreign. I personally don’t like Italian food due to the garlic and our friend Emily is very picky as well and wouldn’t eat at a Chinese so we were in a predicament. We finally agreed on a Italian restaurant, but I was scared to try anything else but pizza. So I ordered a cheese pizza once again. The crust was very thin and the pizza itself had very little cheese on it. I noticed that on just about every menu you could order pizza and they would all be served the same way. I thought it was funny that they had a pizza called the American pizza and it had pepperoni on it and some had peppers as well. So I am definitely done with pizza for a little while.


Back Home!

England and Paris are now 4000 miles away. I’m back in my apartment and classes start tomorrow. Still working on that final project we have due on Monday….

I have to say I am very glad to be back in the States. I missed my fish and nearly killed some of my plants. The vacation waterer for them failed and I’m crossing my fingers I didn’t come home to late.

They need to make ear plugs for planes that work longer than one round trip. They should also let you know when the plane is starting to descend so those with airplane ear can get said earplugs in before they spend the rest hour of the trip in excruciating pain. Finally got my hearing back fully a couple days ago. 🙂

In hindsight, the trip was a blast!! I really did enjoy it. I’d love to go back in a couple of years and see everything again, along with kennelworth and dover castle when they’re open!

I’m sure this trip has created lifelong memories for all. I know I’ll be thinking about it for the rest of my life!


Wow!  I can now say that I have had the privilege to shop at Harrods, the largest department store in the world…need I say more?!  It was AWESOME!! I felt like a little kid in a candy shop! Designer this, designer that, and all in one place!! You can get pretty much anything your little heart desires at this store. Whether it’s that pair of killer Louis Vuitton heels you’ve been eyeing, or a Burberry coat, or even that Hermes bag you’ve always dreamed of; Harrods has them all!  This massive store can eat up buckets of time if you’re not careful with all of the different fabulous departments! There’s even a “food court” there, which in actuality is a lot more like a giant food market, which consists of four departments. Who would have thought you could get a designer gown, a mink coat, and a lobster for dinner all in one place?!  It was definitely an experience, and I would certainly recommend it to everyone! Image


I have now officially had my favorite day yet! Although it was cold and very snowy/slushy, Paris was absolutely amazing!!  It has always been a dream of mine to see the Eiffel Tower, and it feels so surreal that that actually happened today. I will admit, I was pretty disappointed that we were not able to go up on to the Eiffel Tower due to the weather, however, I slightly made up for that by eating a delicious crepe while in Paris! I had dinner at a delicious restaurant called Au Baroudeur before boarding the train back to London….my pasta was amazing! The train ride back to London did turn into a VERY long commute due to the freight train in front of our train having multiple problems. BUT, we made it back safely to London…eventually.  Even with the minor setbacks throughout the day, I still had the time of my life! 

The Garrick

I went to ‘The Garrick’ last night, which is one of the oldest pubs in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  It was a very cozy, traditional pub, and they  had an arrangement of meals and drinks available there. One of the local beers that I tried was called “The Abbot” which is a locally brewed ale. Although it was an IPA, which means a beer is really hoopy, (and I usually do not like hoppy beers) however, this beer was exceptionally smooth & quite delicious.  I would highly recommend it to anyone!  The bartender we had, Carl, was exceptionally awesome and let the group of us that went try multiple beers and wines that are popular here.  I had a great first experience at this pub in England! 


Wow!  I can’t believe that I am actually going to England!  And I’m leaving to go TOMORROW!!  It has been a dream of mine to go to London as well as Paris for as long as I can remember, and now, it is finally happening!  I am really looking forward to being able to immerse myself into the English culture as well as the French culture while we are in Paris.  I absolutely love British accents, so I know that I am going to be in heaven listening to all of the various British citizens talking to each other.  While we are only going to be in Paris for a day, I hope to perhaps be able to pick up on some common French phrases while we are there. 

                England has so many interesting aspects to it.  It has a Queen and Royal family as well as the “tea time” tradition that still lives on today even after all of these years.  It just goes to show that they stick to their age-old traditions, which is what fuels the charm that I expect England to have.  I predict that it will almost be like walking into another world (back in time) when going to some of the old cities such as Bath and Coventry.  Being that England is much older than the United States, they have the ability to have buildings and towns that were built centuries ago, and therefore have architecture that is like nothing that is in America.  Cities like Bath and Coventry are at the top of my list for some of the beautiful intricate architecture that I look forward to seeing.  Paris is another city that just has my anticipation level through the roof, I just can’t wait to see it and how different it is from anywhere else!

     There are many assumptions and stereotypes of the British; whether it is that they have dry, stuffy personalities or that they all have bad teeth.  Since all I have had to go off of what others have told me prior to this experience, I look forward to being able to develop my own personal opinions on these topics and many other topics as well.  Like I said before, I still cannot believe that I am actually getting to go to Paris and London!  I know that this trip is going to be absolutely amazing!  As for tonight, I know that it will most likely be a very sleepless night due to all of my excitement!!


A long, worthwhile journey.. PARIS

Woke up at 5:45 am to begin an adventurous journey to Paris, France. I was thinking it would just be another city to see and another day of travel. 

[For starters]… After 13 days of no “whoopsies” I did the forbidden and misplaced my Oyster card.  This probably happened last night during my attempt to pack, I must have gotten flustered and overwhelmed by the amount of items I have and forgotten where I shoved my most important item (for our week in London). 
After a 5 minute set-back I got my day pass for the tube and all worked out fine, as it always does. We sat for about 25 minutes until we were off… On the train. The train was much more peaceful then expected with a few stops here and there. When we made it, our tour guide and coach driver were waiting upon our arrival. Our first stop was the Louve. I must say everything was breathtaking, inside and out. After our quick tour around and finishing at the Mona Lisa, we ventured to the Eiffel tour. My first initial thought of the Eiffel tour was “That’s it? That’s what all the hype is about?”  However, I was not expecting it to be that large. I must say, with such a fast pace tour, I have learned a great deal of the elite city of Paris.  It is an extremely posh area with so many gorgeous buildings.  The city itself is close to being indescribable. 
Kimi, Jenna, Kristin, Adam and I went into a restaurant and enjoyed a class of wine with dinner, little did I know that would be much needed for our travels back to London. When we got to the train station, we went upstairs to check thru the gate. We all received tickets for a completely different train and an earlier time.  We had encountered a rude worker, so we finally found a women who was more than willing to help us out. After meeting up with the other half of the group, we found our way (together) and headed toward the gate [where I FINALLY found my macarons].  Upon our arrival, we were told it would only be about 2 hours.. I think. We left Paris 8pm (London time) and here we are sitting on the train STILL at 1 am (London time). This has possibly been the longest day thus far, but such a beautiful, scenic and worthwhile adventure. Image